Haikoby haiko


Hey! Hi! It's been some time since we mopped the floors and changed the drapes in this place. We've been busy with, well, a lot of stuff, mostly life-stuff, but also finishing a little book series called A HOUSE DIVIDED (more about that in the blog post above)!

We are back!

Anyway, having a new, proper website, a home for our stories and other creative offerings, has been our dream for a number of years. So this is it! Feel free to wander around and touch all of the exhibits. Read some comics, maybe order a book, or send us a message. (You already know how websites work.) We'd love to hear from you!

We are back!

We'll also promise to be good and update this beast as soon as there's stuff to announce (and there will be stuff to announce! Exciting stuff! Stuff we can't talk about yet, even though we really, really want to!)

Talk to you soon!

Your pals,

Haiko & Marius