Jun 19th, 2014

By Haiko
at 7:20 pm

Welcome to the Pengboom Society

This is it, you guys! Welcome to the Pengboom Society! Some of you might remember Marius and me from our old webcomic “Selektive Erinnerung”, some of you might not but that's ok! I won't tell. (You can always check out the old stuff later.)

We are very excited to finally present you our two new ongoing webcomic series “A House Divided” and “Kletschmore”. If you are at the Comic-Salon Erlangen (like, right now) be sure to visit us at booth 80/ hall C, say hi and get your copy of the exclusive preview issue (48 pages of “A House Divided” and “Kletschmore”). If you can't make it to Erlangen, don't sweat it. Just stick around. Both series will be updated weekly!

I'd like to give a big shout-out to two people, who've been an incredible help on the way. First, Eve Jay for her constant feedback and fearless proofreading, and Robert Wachs, who worked wonders on this website in a record-breaking time. Thank you guys, you are the best!

Now, enough said. Check out our new comics, and let us know what you think!

Enjoy and stay kawaii.