Jun 19th, 2014

Welcome to the Pengboom Society

By Haiko at 7:20 pm

This is it, you guys! Welcome to the Pengboom Society! Some of you might remember Marius and me from our old webcomic “Selektive Erinnerung”, some of you might not but that's ok! I won't tell. [...]

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A House Divided

Henrietta Achilles just inherited an archwizard's impossible house. And a whole company of treasure-hunting, cannon-firing, quiche-stealing tenants. This housewarming party might get a little messy.



When man's greed threatens their existence, the fey leave our world and take refuge in the realm of their ancestors. As the fairies rediscover the birthplace of their race, unspeakable tragedy disrupts the newfound peace: Murder. The first among fey.


Eberhart & the Phoenix Chicken

A complete short comic without words, but lots of fighting. This Eberhart story was first published in the independent comic anthology JAZAM! Vol. 7


Selektive Erinnerung

Our old strip-based webcomic. Featuring the world's coolest doctor, a weird ghost hunter, Skeletor, a crawfish lawyer, God, Abraham, and dragon dick jokes. Also, a huge archive of German comics.